Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keg Wines

In 2011 we installed a keg system at Park Kitchen. We already have beer on tap, and decided it was time to try having kegged wines as well. Living so close to wine country is a beautiful thing. Not only are we able to have close relationships with the people who grow, produce, and sell wines to us, but we are also able to directly ask them things like "would you be willing to put some of that Pinot Gris in a keg?". If we weren't so close to the source, I don't imagine this would be easy.
There are many reasons why having wine on tap makes sense for us. We can serve better wine at a lower cost, every glass tastes the same (no oxidation), there is less waste, less glass to be recycled, the kegs are re-usable, and it pushes us to reach out to wine makers and talk about this crazy new system. Community building experiences, here we come!